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Education Ministry

Education with a dream!

There is no way to emphasize enough how important children's education is.  Children are the future of Madagascar!

19 Schools established so far!

Over 2,500 children being educated!

Our goal is not only to deliver knowledge to children, but to plant God's vision in them which changes their lives and their nation.  

We dream that the Lord will bring a brighter Madagascar through these children. The schools also serve as churches tending to the children and their families' spiritual growth in faith.


The Challenge is Great

The good news is that around the world more children than ever are going to school, but there is still so much more to that needs to be done.

In schools across Sub-Saharan Africa, children are not receiving the quality of education they need and many are forced to drop out or leave school without vital basic skills. Outside of the classroom there are also huge inequalities to overcome, including poverty, discrimination, and cultural attitudes that can prevent many children from having the chance to learn in the first place.

The challenge is great, but with God's help we will help one child at a time and make an impact on the future of Madagascar! 

Please pray with us for change in the education system in Madagascar!


We dream of a brighter future!!

"The Way"

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