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Go and make disciples of 

           all nations!!

African Leadership is a non-profit Christian organization that started its work in Madagascar in 2011.  We have been called to witness how our living God is working and changing the nation of Madagascar!

Main Ministries

Educational Ministry
Medical Ministry
Community Ministry
Prison Ministry
Remote Area Ministry
Agricultural School Ministry
Church Planting Ministry

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African Leadership Madagascar

We are dreaming of a brighter Madagascar!!


Education Ministry

Education with a dream!

There is no way to emphasize enough how important children's education is.  Children are the future of Madagascar!

39 Schools established so far!

Over 5,000 children are being educated!

Our goal is not only to deliver knowledge to children but to plant God's vision in them which changes their lives and their nation.  

We dream that the Lord will bring a brighter Madagascar through these children. The schools also serve as churches tending to the children and their families' spiritual growth in faith.


Medical Ministry

A soul is more valuable than the whole world!

We are providing a channel for God's love and grace to reach people through compassionate medical care. 

Bethany Missional Hospital in Toamasina!

48 clinics in the remote areas throughout Madagascar!

Bethany Missionary Hospital has experienced doctors in the Orthopedic, Internal, Pediatric, OB-Gyn, and Dental Departments caring for the health and better lives of patients.


Prison Ministry

Jesus...the reason for hope unashamed!

In 2013, Bethany Hope Church was built in the Toamasina prison, which holds around 1,300 inmates. 

Weekly church services and Bible Studies!

6 days a week feeding under-nourished inmates!

Even though they are in prison due to various crimes committed, they have witnessed the gospel of God's love and compassion towards them.

Regular Activities:

Worship, Bible Study, Providing Meals, Produce Farm of Hope


Community Ministry

Helping hands for the poor

In Madagascar, 77.6% of the population live below the national poverty line threshold of $2.00 per day according to World Bank in 2019. They are barely existing from day to day!

Feeding the poor and malnourished!

Providing food, clothing, homes, jobs and so much more!

Jesus instructed us to care for orphans, widows, homeless, and the imprisoned. Through this ministry we not only provide for their physical needs, but walk with them as a friend and lead them to their Savior Jesus.

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​Grace Land Kindergarten

A grace-filled land!

Grace Land Kindergarten is located in one of the poorest towns of Madagascar.  His grace is the reason for overflowing praise and thanks!

Educating the future generation!

Feeding hungry children!

Come and meet the children of the richest grace-filled land.  We cannot enter heaven unless we become like little children.  Every day at Grace Land, where Madagascar's future and hope is ripening, we see God's kingdom and glory coming to earth. 

Pray with us for every school in Madagascar to have a Grace Land kindergarten.


Agricultural School

The Promise for a blessed land!

While Madagascar has six times the land of South Korea and over 90% of the population laboring in farming, they are unable to overcome such oppressive poverty.

Agricultural school where education to shape the future comes alive!

Fruit trees and vegetable plantings!

Please pray and work with us as Madagascar is taking steps towards a blessed and abundant land that glorifies God!

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Donations towards African Leadership Madagascar

Help us build a brighter Madagascar!

Click on the Donate button below to make a secure online donation towards the work of ALM in Madagascar. 

Your support will enable us to educate and feed more children, serve the poor and needy, feed malnourished prisoners, provide excellent medical care, help plant churches, and bring the gospel to the nation of Madagascar. 


Your loving donation will bring light in the darkness!

Volunteer to serve hands-on in the ministry in Madagascar!

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Bethany School Coral

A dream come true!!

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