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About Madagascar

Madagascar is the 4th largest island country off Africa’s southeast coast in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar was a colony of France from the late 1890s until independence in 1960.

In 2018, the population of Madagascar was estimated at just over 26 million, with approximately two-thirds of the population living below the national poverty line of one dollar per day. Access to education and medical care is extremely limited due to the lack of medical centers and schools, relatively few trained personnel and the poverty of the Malagasy population.

Madagascar’s diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife support tourism and eco-tourism. However, the growing population and agricultural practices have resulted in severe environmental degradation, with much of the native forest habitat destroyed for cattle grazing, cash crops and a continued reliance on charcoal for cooking. The climate consists of a hot rainy season from November to April and a cooler dry season from May to October. 


We pray...

Dear Lord, we pray for honest government leaders with a vision to bring the nation of Madagascar to financial and political stability.

Father, we pray for well-trained Christian workers willing to serve in isolated areas with difficult living conditions in Madagascar.  We also pray for supernatural effectiveness by ministries aimed at urban youth and outreaches to isolated rural areas.

Lord God, we pray for a new move of the Holy Spirit to reawaken the churches that have such a strong legacy. We ask that you will send revival to Madagascar!

Father, please prepare a way for Biblical training and leadership development as it is urgently needed. We also pray for greater unity among leaders and churches, and that pride and jealousy might give way to humility and Kingdom consciousness.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray.



Prayer Points

  • For honest government leaders.

  • International intervention where aid is needed.

  • For well-trained Christian workers willing to serve in isolated and interior areas.

  • For supernatural effectiveness by ministries working with youth.

  • For revival in Madagascar’s churches.

  • For biblical teaching and leadership development.

  • For greater unity among leaders and churches.

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